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Keyword Density Checker

Our Keyword Density Checker will help you analyze your site for on-page SEO issues. Using our tool should be fairly self-explanatory, but the basic idea is to enter the address of the page you want to analyze, then click 'Check Keyword Density'. You can optionally enter multiple keywords you want highlighted, in comma separated format, in the keywords input field. All occurences of the keywords/phrases you enter will be highlighted for you even if it is a subset of a keyword or phrase on the page.

Address to analyze:
Keyword(s) to highlight:
(comma separate each keyword/phrase. Example: keyword density tools, density checker, seo tools )

Enter the address and (optionally) the keywords you want to highlight, in the fields above, and click the Check Keyword Density button.

Important information about our Keyword Density Checker

  • We automatically ignore a large list of stop words and words that are three letters or less
  • Word counts are for the words in each list. They do not include stop words and words less than 3 characters
  • Matching on keywords will highlight any result that contains your keyword(s), even if your keyword is only part of the keyword found.
  • We are always looking for constructive feedback. If you have recommendations or problems/questions with this tools, please email us

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