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Latest Updates, Features, and Changes

We'd like to keep everyone informed of the latest updates, features, and changes on the site so everyone can take advantage of them. Check back regularly to keep up-to-date. If you have any questions, comments, etc. email us, and we will be happy to answer it or fix it.
  • Registered users domain limits increased

    • Registered users can now add 20 domains with 25 keywords per domain for a total of 500. The previous limit was 350. Enjoy!

  • SERP History Graph updated

    • Our SERP History Graph has been updated to include up to 60 days of results, the scale is adjusted based on SERP results which gives better detail views, and data points can be moused over for exact SERP information.

  • Registered users domain limits increased

    • Registered users can now add 14 domains with 25 keywords per domain for a total of 350. The previous limit was 300. Enjoy!

  • Export SERP History

    • Registered users can now export their SERP history for a single keyword or for all keywords for a domain in CSV format.

  • Import keywords functionality added

    • Users can now import their keywords/phrases on our SERP checker tool. Format is one per line. Users can optionally include the exact search count or a note, by delimiting with a comma.

  • Registered users domains and keyword limits increased

    • Registered users can now add 10 domains and 25 keywords per domain for a total of 250. The previous limit was 160. Enjoy!

  • Keyword Density

    • You can now check your keyword density easily along with checking and highlighting your keywords from your title, description, meta tags, and header tags.

  • Results are more accurate

    • If your keyword ranks in the top 25, we now use a different method to check your rank which should exactly match results from google.

      FYI...most sites that report google SERPs for the top 100+ use a different method of querying that can give slightly different results. We've made our SERP check smarter by using a better method if your site is in the top 25.

  • Graphing your rank history

    • For registered users, we are now graphing your rank history. Make sure to do a SERP check on all your keywords daily. We display your SERP history over the last 30 days.

  • Track day-to-day SERP changes

    • For registered users, we are now tracking your SERP results for each keyword from day-to-day. While we aren't reporting or graphing it yet, make sure to do a SERP check for each keyword daily so when we start graphing the data, you'll be able to see the trend.

  • Save and track more domains/keywords!

    • Registered users can now add multiple domains so they can track more keywords! Your inputs are also saved to our server so they follow you where ever you are!

  • Improved status updating when checking your SERPs with Internet Explorer and Chrome

    • In the past the Check All SERP appear to hang the screen with browsers other than Firefox. Now it should great for every browser. Give it a try!

  • Export function

    • You can now export your keywords and SERP results in CSV/Excel format. After you've input your keywords/info and used our keyword tool to check your SERP results, click on the 'Export' button to export the results for your own personal use.

  • SEO check for keyword in title and description and better formatting

    • We've added checks to see if the keyword you are checking is in the title and description of the sites found, including yours. It is graphical and very easy to review the results. We also made the format better. You can also mouse over the results in the title and description columns to see the title and description for the page.

  • SERP Domain competition

    • Have domains you feel are your direct competition? You can now enter three competitor domains which will highlight their SERP page rank along with yours everytime you check your SERP page rank.

  • Exact Searches

    • You can now add the exact search count for each keyword. You can get this from the google adwords tool. Once you enter these values you can then decide which keywords to focus on based on how much potential traffic they can generate.

  • Track your best results

    • We've add the ability to track your current, best, previous results for each keyword so you can easily see if you are trending up or down for each of your keywords

  • We've launched!

    • We currently allow up to one domain name and 20 keywords per user. These can be changed to allow for additional SERP checks. We do cache results and ask that you not check your SERP results more than once every 5 hours for each keyword.

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