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SEO Keyword Tools

WhatsMySerp.com is a free site that includes advanced SEO tools including a bulk, on-demand, and safe SERP checker which easily and quickly checks the top 300 SERP results for your website ranking, for up to 25 keywords at a time, with a single button click. Users can also use our keyword density checker to check the density of keywords on their pages. With our keyword density checker, you can include multiple keywords and phrases to highlight so you can easily find the statistics for your most important keywords.

Registered users can add up to 20 domains with 25 keywords each for a total of 500 keywords. Our registered users can also track and spot trends in their SERP results for the last 30 days with our graphing feature. Along with SERP results our site performs on-page SEO checks to see if your keywords are in the title and description of your page and your competitor pages.

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SERP Keyword Checker

Whether you are a web developer or blogger, using good keyword tools to check and monitor the SERP website rankings of keywords you are trying to rank for is important, but how much time or money do you have or want to spend using keyword tools or google search, especially if you have 30, 50 or 100 keywords across multiple domains?

Our SERP keyword tool lets you enter and save your domains, keywords, competing domains, and region so there is no need to re-type them every time you want to check the SERP position for all your keywords. We also track the SERP results for your keywords, so you can easily see if you are trending higher or lower for each. We also include an export function, so you can export your results to excel. All FREE!

Important Features

  • Quickly checks the top 300 SERP results for multiple keywords
  • Automatically saves your inputs and results
  • Advanced editing with drag/drop features
  • Tracks Current, Previous, and Best SERP position so you can track your performance
  • On-Page SEO checks for your keyword in titles and descriptions
  • Detailed results can be reviewed without having to re-query saving you a lot of time
  • Ability to export your inputs and results to CSV/Excel
  • Over 50 Regional Google domains to choose from, so you can see how you rank in your target country
  • Ability to add three competing domains, so you can quickly see where you rank against your common competitors
  • Input the exact monthly search numbers for each keyword from Google Adwords so you can easily see how important each search term is

Features for Registered Users

  • Add up to 20 domains and assign and track up to 25 keywords for each. Allows for tracking up to 500 keywords
  • Track day-to-day SERP rank changes. We graph the last 60 days so you can see your progress, or lack thereof
  • Your results follow you wherever you go. Travel between work, home, or mobile and access your keywords and results from any browser
SERP History Graph
SERP History Example
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