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The WMS Everywhere browser extension is the easiest tool to uncover search volume, advertising cost per click and related keywords inside Google search results - free and on-demand.

WMS Everywhere Extension

Free browser extension for keyword research

WMS Everywhere is avaiable for Google Chrome (and Firefox soon). Gain access to search volume, cost per click and related keywords without leaving Google search results.

Search volumeThe running average of the monthly search volume for each keyword over the last year.
Cost per clickThe average expected cost per click (CPC) paid by advertisers on Google AdWords.
Related keywordsA compilation of related keywords to the current search, including what people searched for instead.

Get Keyword Data for Any Country

Whatsmyserp lets you switch your location for accurate localized results.

WMS Everywhere Location Selector

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a paid tool?
No! It will be free forever.
How does it work?
Whatsmyserp Everywhere is a browser extension that helps you uncover data about the keywords you search on Google.
Should I be worried about my privacy?
We take our user's privacy very seriously and we promise to never allow any malicious code in our extension.